This SkyLinkWeather web site is designed to display weather data for different locations as both instantaneous readings, and a graph over time (currently the last 24 hours). Data can be viewed at any station or time for as long as the data is held for - currently we are keeping 28 days' worth of data.

It is worth noting that some data may be missing - this is due to the frequency at which each station sends out a weather report and is beyond our control.

Click on a station on the map to display the weather for that place. Zoom in for a closer look. If you click on another place while zoomed in, the map moves with you. All maps will show either wind/temperature or weather symbol displays.

Change your Preferences to enable default timezone, map style, station and units of measurement. Having a default station gives you a starting station on the main map, which shows you the latest data for your station as soon as you enter the web site - making the weather easy!

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Graphs Explained
The Cloud Height graph is CALCULATED from temperature and humidity values. Whilst it can calculate the likely cloudbase of cumulus cloud, it does not say whether or not the cloud actually exists in the first place. This graph is to be used purely as a guide, not gospel.
Time Graphs
The graphs over the last 24 hours all show one or more data lines, with midnight (blue) and midday (yellow) - both UTC - vertical lines for orientation.