Forecast Weather for EGSS London Stansted on Saturday 17th March 2018 


Saturday Forecast:
Temp (°C) High: 2 Low: -2
Wind Speed (m/s): 10 Gust: 12 Direction: 68° ENE
Humidity: 70% Rainfall: 0.00 (mm) Visibility: 8
Forecast: Cloudy, a bit of snow; much colder

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Sunday Forecast:
Temp (°C) High: 0 Low: -3
Wind Speed (m/s): 12 Gust: 9 Direction: 90° E
Humidity: 69% Rainfall: 0.00 (mm) Visibility: 9
Forecast: A.M. snow showers; mostly cloudy, windy

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Monday Forecast:
Temp (°C) High: 4 Low: 0
Wind Speed (m/s): 7 Gust: 7 Direction: 68° ENE
Humidity: 65% Rainfall: 0.00 (mm) Visibility: 10
Forecast: Sunny to partly cloudy and not as cold

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Tuesday Forecast:
Temp (°C) High: 7 Low: -1
Wind Speed (m/s): 6 Gust: 5 Direction: 0° N
Humidity: 77% Rainfall: 0.53 (mm) Visibility: 9
Forecast: Mostly cloudy and chilly with a shower

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Wednesday Forecast:
Temp (°C) High: 12 Low: 6
Wind Speed (m/s): 5 Gust: 9 Direction: 158° SSE
Humidity: 74% Rainfall: 0.00 (mm) Visibility: 9
Forecast: Periods of clouds and sunshine

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